Create, format, and capture text styles into reusable assets within your documents.

Download sample files to follow along:

What you learned: Create text boxes, format text, and save the formatting as a character style

Create an Area Text box
1. Select the Text tool and click and drag to create an Area Text box.
2. Choose a font family from the Font menu in the Text pane of the Inspector panel.
3. Type your desired text.
4. Set the font size.

Create character styles
1. Select the text in the text box you created.
2. Open the Assets panel.
3. Click the plus sign next to Character Styles to create a new style.
4. Rename the style to your own custom name.

Applying styles
1. Create or select another text box in your layout.
2. Click on the character style you created to apply the same text formatting to the selected text box.

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