How to Add and Edit Objects by Instantiating Prefabs (Official Unity Tutorial)

Wondering how to make a game for beginners using the Unity engine? Great! The Official Guide to Your First Day in Unity is a Unity beginner tutorial series that shows you all the basics — from the Unity download step to modding, playing, and sharing your playable game in as little as 30 minutes!

In this fifth Unity tutorial, we introduce you to the Adding a Prefab In-Editor Tutorial (formerly titled “Adding Stuff”). Doing the In-Editor Tutorials is the best way to learn Unity for total beginners! In this In-Editor Tutorial, you will continue to change your game using more Scene view tools. You’ll learn how to create a prefab in Unity by instantiating (cloning/spawning) one. You will instantiate a prefab, then add it to your scene, and move, rotate and scale it.

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P.S. If your screen doesn’t look exactly the same as what you see in the video, that’s OK, you can always view the latest text version of the Unity In-Editor Tutorial here:

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