Houdini Pyro FX | Fire & Flames | Part 3

Part 3 of a three part tutorial. Learn more at https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/pyrofx-fire-flames/

In the final video, you will learn how to create presets out of your existing simulation then apply them to a burning agent who walks through four trees igniting them along the way, You will learn how to make the fire work properly on a moving object and how to use clusters to more efficiently simulate the trees. You will then manage the pyro boxes to ensure that they only turn on when needed to make your overall simulation more efficient.

Save Presets: 1:29
Setup the Shot: 3:02
Add Pyro FX to the Agent: 6:15
Cache out the Sim: 16:15
Add Pyro FX Clusters to the Trees: 20:39
Apply Presets to the Trees: 32:44
Ignite Trees with Agent: 35:03
Manage Pyro Boxes: 43:43
Slow Down the Burn: 1:04:54
Pyro Shaders: 1:10:28
Volume Light: 1:13:04

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