Houdini Pyro FX | Fire & Flames | Part 2

Part 2 of a three part tutorial. Learn more at https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/pyrofx-fire-flames/

In this video, you will take a deeper look at the nodes that contribute to the burning tree effect and make changes to create a more realistic flame. You will learn how to split fuel and temperature, refine combustion, work with microsolvers, add smoke and customize the emitter. You will then set up a Volume light using the fire and render the sequence to disk.

Speed up the Flames: 1:15
Split Fuel and Temperature: 2:33
Refine Combustion: 13:21
Shape the Flames: 20:11
Custom Microsolvers: 24:41
Add Smoke: 35:32
Customize the Emitter: 41:49
Cache the Sim: 45:42
Volume Slices: 49:35
Render the Flames: 51:50
Render Settings: 1:03:25
Volume Light: 1:15:27

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