Houdini Game Tools | Luiz Kruel, Mike Lyndon, Paul Ambrosiussen | ILLUME Webinar – Halloween Edition

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Over the past year and a half, the SideFX games team’s Luiz Kruel, Mike Lyndon and Paul Ambrosiussen have been crazy busy developing Houdini tools specifically designed for gamedev workflows – and have so far created over 90 tools. In this session, the guys walk through their Top 10 – including loads of tips and tricks on using the tools.

Note: While the tools were developed wth gamedev in mind, it turns out many are just as powerful for film, TV and advertising workflows.

3:45 Tools Overview (Luiz)
8:55 Game Tools Installation (Luiz)
9:55 Skinning Converter (Paul)
18:33 LOD Create (Paul)
24:35 Physics Painter (Paul)
29:58 Viewport Shaders (Paul)
35:07 Reality Capture Plugin (Luiz)
41:18 Gameres Node (Luiz)
51:25 MapBox Node (Luiz)
1:00:24 Impostors (Mike)
1:09:24 RBD / Fracturing (Mike)
1:18:41 Vertex Animation Textures (Mike)
1:32:55 Houdini Product Overview (Mike)
1:36:47 Q&A (All)

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