Houdini Game Development Toolset

A quick summary of just a few of the Houdini Game Development Tools recently developed at SideFX. GDTs are designed to make Houdini workflows faster and easier – so you can focus on your content development. And even though they’re called Game Development Tools, many artists outside of that field find them super useful too!

More info on the GameDev Toolset here: https://sidefx.co/2HnmLME

Included in this video are:

1) GameRes – reduce meshes to game-friendly resolution
2) Instant Meshes – convert triangulated mesh to quad mesh
3) Mesh Tiler – create seamless tile-able geometry
4) Flow Map
– Flowmap from curve input
– Change obstacle count
– Change flowmap strength
5) Physics Painter – paint physics objects onto any other object
6) RBD Director – easily control geometry fracture behaviour
7) Detail Mesh – Project detailed mesh onto template geometry
8) MapBox – import satellite data to a Houdini heightfield

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