Houdini for Game Cinematics | Nikolay Skolkov | Houdini HIVE Utrecht

Nikolay covers some of the techniques used at Wargaming for the mind blowing cinematics they create, including…

1) Rust spreading / Decay:
Step-by-Step walkthrough describing the process of making effect of Rust spreading and decay.
This effect has been used in our recent project that was dedicated to Halloween event.

2) Low-Cost Sand Storm:
Short story about thing that may save our time.
Some simple things that give us more than we expect.
Sometimes it’s real.
This time i’ll tell about procedural sand storm, that didn’t take much time to create, but gave us much more.

3) FEM Crushed Car
My first serious experience using FEM.
Out-of-the-shelf solution and a bit of refinement.

SCENE FILES: sidefx.co/2yohD6X

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