Houdini as a Comprehensive Gamedev Tool | Ben House | GDC 2019

Ben covers a wide range of benefits of using Houdini as a studio-wide pipeline tool in gamedev. He covers powerful terrain and VFX tools, and multiple ways that Houdini and Houdini Engine are used to increase studio efficiency by reducing boring or repetitive tasks that frequently take time away from artists.

Bluepoint has led the remastering process for years, releasing many iconic titles, including the God of War Collection, Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection, and most recently, Shadow of the Colossus on PS4.

More GDC Houdini talks: https://sidefx.co/2NAUzpC

Ben House is a Technical Artist at Bluepoint Games where he develops procedural tools and workflows to support the production team. Ben is very passionate about using procedural tools to reduce repetitive tasks and is deeply devoted to education. He has taught courses on game development and procedural content creation at Texas A&M University, where he co-founded the Chillennium Student Game Jam and is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Visualization.

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