Houdini & 3D / Surface Scanning Workflows | Paul Parneix | Houdini HIVE Paris

3D and surface scanning solutions are more and more accesible for games and VFX studios, but crafting a production-ready asset from a raw scan can be quite challenging. Paul will share his expertise on photogrammetry and photommetric-stereo techniques, and show how Houdini can help at different steps of the workflow to make things easier in the scope of building production ready assets. He’ll also show how the new Houdini PDG system can be used to run and unify the different steps of the pipeline.

Paul Parneix is a Sr FX Artist and Technical Artist at Unit Image. After studying Biology at the university, he moved to Paris to learn VFX. He started to work as a generalist artist and quickly moved to FX. He joined the Unit Image team 4 years ago and worked on projects like trailers for God of War and Beyond Good and Evil 2. On the side of his FX job, he learned Python / C++ and participated in the development of a full-body and facial photogrammetry rig for Scan Engine, a 3D Scanning studio created by Unit Image. He also developed techniques and rigs for surface scanning using photometric-stereo and photogrammetry.

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