Houdini 16.5 Rigging Series – Intro

This is an introductory video on rigging in Houdini, which will go over rigging as an overview, HDAs, objects vs geometry, parenting and hierarchies, bones and nulls, animation controls, constraints, rotation order/gimbal lock, naming conventions, mirroring and rigging, and animation scripts.

1) HDA & Spine – https://youtu.be/cWUHxyjbJ4M
2) Head, Eyes & Neck – https://youtu.be/SqD650qZmBk
3) Left Arm – https://youtu.be/zOXy-EeZHtU
4) Left Hand & Left Arm Completion – https://youtu.be/CsYHn0RCDwk
5) Left Leg – https://youtu.be/Jez8jFUPg-g
6) Left Foot & Completing Left Leg – https://youtu.be/_UeeHezuxcA
7) Finishing Rig & Next Steps – https://youtu.be/mE0H5s5kXw8

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