HEX | Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of HEX, an ongoing series of interviews with people from the Houdini community – studio artists, indie artists, developers, event organizers – you name it! Time-codes for this episode…

0:00 – Welcome

1:40 – Nikola Damjanov / The Dawning
We recently launched an animated short film called The Dawning. Project lead Fianna Wong speaks with one of the artists from the project, Nikola Damjanov.

10:30 – Moeen Sayed / Mardini Daily Challenge
We’ll tell you about Mardini – the upcoming daily art challenge – and speak with the winner of last year’s Houly challenge, Moeen Sayed, about his experience.

17:30 – Tim van Helsdingen / SideFX Snacks
In January we published a Houdini course on creating a chocolate bar. Fianna speaks with the author of that course – Tim van Helsdingen.

23:00 – Jacob Reynolds / Epic MegaJam
Meet Jacob Reynolds – the Houdini category winner of the Epic MegaJam.

29:50 – Worldwide HUG updates
Fianna Wong and Paola Catano provide some info on current and upcoming HUG presentations.

31:42 – Chris Wallis / RenderMan Art Challenge
Ben Mears speaks with Chris Wallis – the winner of the RenderMan Art Challenge.

40:15 Chris Rydalch / USD Pipelines
As part of his Illume webinar, Jeff Wagner recently spoke with Blue Sky’s Chris Rydalch about developing a USD pipeline. We’ll end this HEX episode with an excerpt from that interview.

Further Info:

The Dawning – https://www.sidefx.com/dawning/

Moeen Sayed – https://www.ninebetween.com/

SideFX Snacks

Tim van Helsdingen

Jacob Reynolds

Worldwide HUG Events

Chris Wallis


Full Houdini Illume with Chris Rydalch

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