Hellboy: A Look Into the FX | Alexander Dimov & Angel Ivanov | FMX 2019

Worldwide FX’s Angel and Alex provide an overview of the FX work in “Hellboy” – focusing on one of the key effects involving a supernatural portal to another dimension. Prepare to face all of nature’s elements and then some more!

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Angel Ivanov | CG Supervisor | Worldwide FX
Angel has been part of the Worldwide FX team for more than 12 years and three years ago he became the studio’s CG Supervisor. Before that, he led the Lighting and Lookdev department and has also worked on RND/Pipeline development. With a solid background in VFX, and with hobbies in visual arts, such as photography, drawing, and painting, Angel is known for his ability to express his creative ideas effortlessly using advanced technical tools. What especially interests Angel in the work on creating VFX is the lighting and rendering process. And this is no accident because he likes to work with light in all of its forms – natural, artificial, virtual. He enjoys “painting” with light, observing its characteristics and studying its behaviour. Angel feels that “light is essential to creating an image, be it a picture, a photo, or a CG render.” That is why he is so excited about rendering and manipulating light in order to achieve a level of realism that is indistinguishable from reality.

Alexander Dimov | VFX TD | Red Ring
Creating breaking destruction or beautiful imagery isn’t just a 9-to-5 job for Alex – he loves what he does. He uses his artistic talents combined with his deep and ever-growing knowledge of cutting edge technology to deliver high quality and unique natural phenomena effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions using Maya and Houdini as his main weapons of choice. Most importantly, being passionate is the driving force for him to be a better learner, problem solver and to try to be as much as a creative person as much as possible.

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