Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (3DS & DS) Launch Trailer

Out NOW! (Friday 29th June 2012) in the UK and France.
Coming out this August in Germany

Long ago the towns of Bluebell and Konohana were friendly neighbours, joined together by a tunnel underneath the mountain that separates the towns. But one day the townsfolk become divided, disagreeing over who had the better cuisine, causing the Harvest Goddess to destroy the tunnel connecting the two towns and cut them off from one another. Now the only interaction the towns have with each other is at their cooking festivals, where their cooking conflict continues four times per season.
You arrive at the towns as a new, young farmer, eager to start your new life in the countryside. But which town will you choose to live in? The Western-style town of Bluebell, specializing in rearing livestock? Or maybe the Japanese-style town of Konohana, who specialise in crops. Pick a town to settle down in, bring your new farm to life with crops and animals, try to rekindle the friendship between the two mayors of the towns, and maybe find yourself a partner along the way…

• Brand new cast of characters, including 6 bachelors and 6 bachelorettes!
• Choose between the two towns of Konohana and Bluebell.
• New animals like Alpacas and Honey Bees.
• A pet owl that can help you fly between towns.
• Create waterwheels, hill-farms and other new farming tools.
• Bring your farming adventure to life in full 3D on the Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns 3DS version.

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