H17.5 GameDev Tools Update | Mike Lyndon | GDC 2019

Mike gives a quick overview of the various tools the SideFX gamedev team has been working on recently – including an updated gameres pipeline with Alice Vision (photogrammetry) and LOD generation, a building generator, and some procedural VFX tools. He outlines the development cycle and how you contribute to that as well as our roadmap for the year ahead.

More GDC Houdini talks: https://sidefx.co/2NAUzpC

Mike Lyndon is a Sr. Technical Artist at SideFX. He has a broad range of experience creating computer graphics for commercials, films and video games. His fascination with the world around us and the desire to blend art with his technical tinkering has led to his work making rolling cloudscapes in Ender’s Game, generating raging fires in Gears of War 4 and trapping penguins in an avalanche of snow for Happy Feet 2. He is a part of our games team and responsible for developing tools to bridge the gap between Houdini and realtime applications.

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