Gongbat and Zach Harmon

Gongbat and Zack Harmon

Moonvalk Studios

On Monday, January 22, 2018, I attended the Coal Creek Game Developers Meetup and had the pleasure of meeting Zack Harmon. He is the one man developer team of Moonvalk Studios. He created the game Gongbat, a 2D, sidescrolling, pixel amazing, SHMUP. This post is about Zack and his first award-winning game, Gongbat.

Gongbat screenshot

Gongbat is a Classic

The game brings me back to my grade school days of yelling at the TV and tossing a controller only to be overjoyed when I finally beat the relentless bosses of my favorite SHMUPs.

To say the least, the game is fantastic. And not just that, Zack made the game by himself. The audio, the graphics, the code; all him. A great achievement for an indie developer.

Anyways, go check it out! It’s free to download for PC on Gamejolt, and he is working on a mobile version as we speak!

For those of you wondering, Zack used the GameMaker Studio to create his masterpiece.

Moonvalk Studios website.

Gongbat screenshot

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