Jumping into the game development industry is exciting. But it can also be scary. Where are the tools you need? What kind of tools do you need? Do you need to know how to program stuff? What if you aren’t good at art?

Do not fret. Game development does take a lot of work, time and effort. But you can definitely make a game. Let #YGD answer some questions for you and help you get started with making your first video game.

1: Choose Your Tools

You will need a way to export your game into a published build. So, choose an SDK, like Unity or Construct 2. #YGD has a large list of Tools for you to check out. Our list will help you find the perfect tool for you!

2: Get Some Art

To make your game, you’ll need some artwork.  Things like: backgrounds, characters, obstacles, bosses or whatever you need to make your game be visually appealing. You can create your own game assets. Maybe you can’t draw very well or you don’t have time to make all of the art assets. You can browse around to purchase game object assets or many places have some Royalty Free Creative Commons License game assets for you to use. #YGD has a nice list of art creation software and a list of art game object assets here.

3: You Need Some Sound and Audio

Audio can make or break a game. So, you don’t want to skip out on creating your level music or sound clips for jumping and shooting. You could make your own. More power to you. But, I’m sure most developers can’t tell the difference between a C and an E flat. #YGD has a list of some places where you can find some songs, audio, and clips and the software you can use to make your own sounds.

4: You Should Definitely Publish and Distribute Your Game

What to do when your game is ready to play? Distribute for testing. Publish it online. Distribute it across the gaming consoles. Get discs printed. There are lots of options for publishing your game. Just don’t forget to also test your game before you publish it. You don’t want to have an Atari E.T. moment. Anyways… #YGD has a list for you to check out. It has places for you to publish, publishers to contact for indie or AAA, and even some listings of places to test your game.

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