Get Rid Of The Boring In Your Pipeline: How We Got Started | Florian Gantzert & Clemens Berger |…

In this talk, Florian and Clemens will talk about poly-reduction of stylized hair, stylized hair workflow, going from Houdini to Unity with PDG and without Houdini Engine. They will also talk about High-to-low modeling pipeline, from ZBrush to Houdini to Substance, and Batch processing skinned meshes FBX with PDG.

Florian Gantzert is working on improving graphics and artist workflow across projects at KLab. He co-established and has been leading the Real-Time Rendering Research group since 2019.

Clemens Berger joined KLab in 2017 as a 3D artist and has since worked on several release titles in a leading role. He co-established the Real-Time Rendering Research group, constantly endeavouring to find the magic formula for creating great looking models in the shortest possible time frame.

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