Georgia State University Team Wins Best in Georgia Award

Lightbreak game recognized as best from Georgia game jam locations

ATLANTA (April 6, 2020) – An innovative music game won the fourth annual Best in Georgia video game contest, open to teams from game jam locations across the state. This year’s winner, “Lightbreak,” came from a team at the Georgia State University location and features puzzles, a streamlined interface, and gameplay that lets players create music for the game.

“The Lightbreak team put together the perfect game jam project – simple, fun and just right for the modern gaming market,” said Tim Ryan, a producer with Scientific Games who served as the team’s mentor. “The innovative use of game music, coupled with an extremely simple interface, makes for an excellent mix.”

A panel of judges from the Georgia Game Developers Association selected the Lightbreak team, including Adam Schulz, Hannah Wiser, and Sam Musavi, both due to the game’s innovative gameplay and to the team’s plans to further develop the game. Lightbreak beat out games from the game jam sites at Kennesaw State University, SCAD-Atlanta, and SCAD-Savannah.

Best in Georgia Competition

Now in its fourth year, the Best in Georgia competition analyzes games made at Game Jam locations around the state. Each game jam nominates one team to receive professional mentoring and to compete for the big title. The teams pair up with leading industry mentors to continue developing their games. One team is then chosen to receive thousands of dollars’ worth of professional service. This is to help get the team’s game to market.

“We have been extremely happy with the games that have won the Best in Georgia competition over the past few years,” said Andrew Greenberg, executive director of the association. “Each time, the award has helped a small team finish its first game and take it to the game market.”

Georgia Game Developers Association

The Georgia Game Developers Association is a nonprofit trade association. It deals with the businesses and professionals for the video and game manufacturing industry of Georgia. It supports its members with business opportunities, educational services, professional development, and public affairs coordination.

Visit to play Lightbreak.

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