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GDEX 2020 Online!

This year’s GDEX will look different. We’re still working on details that will be rolling out over the coming months, but here’s what we can tell you:

  • GDEX will most likely be the same weekend, though we made that decision before PAX decided to be 9 days long
    • So the date may change, but count on the Fall
  • It will be online hosted between our Discord, Twitch, and Youtube
  • We plan on highlighting artists, exhibitors, and charity just as we have in the past
  • There’s a GDEX Game Jam in the works… so stay tuned

Exhibitor Info

On the note of exhibitors, if you already registered you’ve probably already heard this news, but we will be refunding all exhibitor tables and getting in contact shortly. The backbone of our event is the awesome games from around the Midwest. It wouldn’t be GDEX without them. You’ll get a survey from Cody asking you what you’d like to get out of an online exhibiting experience.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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