GameStop closes coronavirus

GameStop Stores Close for Coronavirus

So, over the weekend you may have heard about GameStop talking about how the stores are staying open. GameStop went so far as to keep its stores open in states that are told to close all non-essential stores. The game retail company is claiming its products are essential.

GameStop is Essential to Life?

Now, I am a lover of games, and an avid game player, and game developer. And I also enjoy writing about the video game industry. However, even I am not so egotistical to think that I need games to survive. But, on top of that statement, GameStop’s stores are not essential, even for the industry.

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With the majority of video games being sold as digital copies through the online console marketplaces and Steam as well as games being able to be purchased as a physical product through Amazon and GameStop’s own website, their stores are not essential. Even a full list of slots not on Gamestop can be easily found on the Internet according to the player’s purpose.

Business and GameStop

Now, I totally understand that the brick and mortar company is struggling with the digital age. Maybe GameStop was even thinking about paychecks for its employees. But, so many other companies are also struggling with this coronavirus and closing brick and mortar stores are for the better of the world.

After some outcries from the company’s employees and a few forced shutdowns by law enforcement, the company has resorted to closing all of its stores nationwide. Many other non-essential stores have closed and moved to a completely digital market, including Khol’s, DSW, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Stay Healthy During Coronavirus

Now, I am glad they have shut down to help keep the spread of COVID-19 down to a minimum. I am also a member and supporter of the brick and mortar GameStop stores because let’s face it, I like to go into a store and see something on sale and just buy it. But, I also look forward to seeing what they plan to do with our current digital economy.

The world economy is changing at an extremely fast pace since coronavirus became an issue. #YGD is watching to see what positive and negative things come out of this accelerating rate of change. We are thinking that the world is going to become more remote for the workplace. Also, digital purchases and digital shopping is already growing. We are thinking Amazon and grocery store deliveries are going to rise up as well.

Support Digital Brick and Mortar GameStop

Now, you want to help keep your favorite local GameStop store alive, make some purchases from the GameStop website. There are a lot of scheduled releases and I know the company has a lot of inventory to distribute. Also, you can browse around for some impulse clearance buys, just like the brick and mortar store. I believe they are also doing curbside pick-up at your local store. Call to check though because it could vary state to state.

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