gamedev market helping devs during coronavirus

GameDev Market Helps Asset Creators During Coronavirus

GameDev Market knows that the COVID-19 outbreak will have had a big impact on some of its members and their families.

The company is helping its talented asset creators out by lowering the costs of selling and decreases the minimum withdrawal amount.

GameDev Market put 3 things in place for its sellers

  • The required balance for withdrawal requests has been halved from $50 to $25 for at least the next two withdrawal runs (1st & 14th April), meaning it’s easier for sellers to access their earnings.
  • The company amends the commission percentages so that instead of asset creators keeping 70% of asset sales, they will keep 90% from now until April 19th.
  • To help boost earnings for sellers, the company is running a sale with up to 25% off until the end of March.

Now, GameDev Market knows this may not be much in the grand scheme of things, but they hope it helps during this difficult time.

Coronavirus Updates

#YGD is doing all we can to keep you up to date with the latest changes to the industry because of the coronavirus, AKA COVID-19. Click here for up to date changes.

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