Gamebreak international virtual conference

29th April 2020 – The virtual conference Gamebreak, developed by the Finnish game industry actives for a global audience, will be held online on 18-20 May 2020. The remotely organized conference will use the Finnish start-up Deal Room’s unique events platform with content organized and IGDA Finland.

The event will have six different tracks, three of which will be streaming free, while the additional three tracks will be available to ticket holders. Tickets are selling at for the affordable price of starting from 15,60 Euros when using the promo code FIRSTAID. Ticket holders can also join interactive sessions and search for new partners using the platform’s matchmaking too, that allows for private video conferencing.

All of the talks are live video streams. The audience can engage in conversation with other visitors and the speaker while watching the video streams. Separate online appointments are also easy to arrange.

Santeri Eloranta of

“The cancellations of this year’s big game industry events came as a nasty surprise to all of us. We decided to grab the bull by the horns and organize an online conference. We’ve been working with streaming content for over two years, and the Deal Room’s system works on any device, and offers viewers good ways to interact with the speakers and has a very polished matchmaking system. Our tests have shown that interactive streams are much more engaging for the audience. We know it is a challenging time for developers so we created the FIRSTAID promo code, to provide 60% off tickets, essentially running the event at cost.” collaborates with Finnish game professionals from IGDA Finland to develop an affordable three-day networking event to support the game industry.

The event is headlining by Peter Vesterbacka, recognizing by his work with Rovio, Lightneer, and other game startups. He was also one the original founders of the legendary Finnish Slush startup conference.

Peter Vesterbacka

“Finland has a fantastic ecosystem built around games. Probably the highest density of games developers and games companies anywhere on the planet. All working together too and it’s no surprise to see this initiative come to life here in the middle of the crisis. Let’s make great games and let’s get them out there!”

The six tracks of the event are game marketing, working remotely, multi-platform gaming, global gaming culture, game publishing, and finally a track organized by IGDA Finland with other partners. The exact program will be available on the conference website in the coming days. The speakers include Robert Bäckström from RawFury, Natasha Skult from MiTale, Jani Penttinen from Utopos Games, Douglas Ogeto from LudiqueWorks, Felicia Prehn from 10th Muse and Nopia, John Wolff from Kaimon International and Bryan Ogden from Malta.

Jani Penttinen, CEO of Las Vegas -based game studio Utopos Games

“It’s never been a better time to be a game developer than now. I’m excited to join and share how Utopos Games has adjusted to the new normal as we prepare to launch our first game in 2021.”

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