Game Jam

What is a Game Jam? This Game Jam is a 3 day over-night event where you and a team of 1-5 people come together to create a video game protoEngine.

Game Jam Theme

The theme for your game will be announced at the Game Jam’s opening speech, just after registration.

Cost to Attend

The event is totally free for you, and meals are included. In order to attend, you will need to sign up by March 24, 2017. The link to sign up is here.

Things to Bring

You do not need to have a team in advance; you can always form or join a team to meet new people when you get there!

      • Laptop is preferred, but desktop is also acceptable
      • Mouse
      • Wacom / Drawing Tablet
      • Any software you need should already be installed on your device
      • Pen and Paper
      • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
      • Air Mattress or Cot (the museum has cement floors)
      • Snacks (we provide meals and some snacks)
      • Toothbrush and paste

This list is full of suggestions. None of these things are mandatory for this event, except for maybe the computer. Also, this building does not have showers, so be prepared for that.

So, pack up your sleeping bags and computers, game devs, and come have a weekend of fun with the Youngstown Game Developers!

Register Now!

All the spots are filled up! If you have any questions or concerns, please email


, let’s get you registered before March 24, 2017!

Registration will be open by November 11th. Space is limited; sign up before it”s too late!

Secondly, we will need some info. On the Friday that the game jam starts (March 31st, 2017) we will provide a link to a form we want you to fill out so we know where people are and how to make things better for future jams, as well as what prizes you would like to be entered to win.


That’s right, we have some prizes to give away! This game jam is a non-competitive jam, however, we still wanted to offer some cool stuff to give away. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we have some cool stuff to give away during the game jam! The way it will work, is when you fill out the form on Friday, you will also select which prizes you would like to be entered to win. To be fair for everyone, once you are randomly selected as a winner, your name will be removed from the randomization list. Now, to select the prizes you want, you”ll have to wait until you sign in on Friday, however, here”s a list of what we will be giving away!

(List is subject to change)

2017 Game Jam Prizes:

    • Humble Bundle GameMaker Edition gifted from Eim-Games (GameMaker Studio Pro with Modules and several games for Steam!)
    • and tons of other swag from all of our sponsors!

List is being updated as we receive sponsor info, up through the event so you can keep in mind the prizes you would like to be entered into to be randomly selected to win. Don’t forget, the game jam sign up deadline is March 24, 2017!


April Fools’ Game Jam 2017 – Team Declarations (link will be live on March 31, 2017)


McDonough Museum of Art

525 Wick Ave

Youngstown, OH MAP


Parking is available in the M-30 deck for $5. During construction on Wick Avenue please follow posted detours to the Walnut Street entrance to the parking deck. The GPS address for the m30 Deck is 100 Wade Street, Youngstown, OH 44502.

Please let the attendant know you are there for the Game Jam in McDonough.


March 31st

6pm – 7pm: registration/check-in and dinner

7pm – 7:30pm: keynote/opening speech about the jam

7:30pm and on: start jamming! don’t forget to nap when necessary

April 1st

8:30am – 9:30am: breakfast

12pm – 1pm: lunch

1pm – 2pm: team pics

6pm -7pm: dinner

April 2nd

8:30am – 12:30pm: brunch

2pm – 3pm: submit your games

3pm – 5pm: present games

4pm – 5pm: wrap up

*schedule subject to change

RSVP Now!   All the spots are filled up! If you have any questions or concerns, please email



Please read our USER AGREEMENT.