#FREELANCETHUGLIFE | Tim van Helsdingen | FMX 2019

Houdini use is getting more and more prominent within both bigger and smaller studios. As a freelancer I work for a lot of different studios. Both on-site and remote. It’s interesting to see the increased use, but also the different integration of the software in the pipeline (or lack thereof). Will talk a bit about that, show some interesting projects I worked on, talk about managing stress & avoiding burnout, how I got into doing freelance Houdini work …and some additional rambling.

Tim is a freelance Houdini artist with a passion for all things CG. Mainly focused on the FX part of things, but he also loves lighting and shading. Apart from working for a wide range of clients, he also tries to make time for personal projects to push his skill and get to do stuff he’d never be able to do for work. With personal work he loves trying to take ordinary stuff and try to make it into CG with all the imperfections it has have in real life. Some may call it pointless, he call it FUN. Apart from that, he loves helping other people learn Houdini by putting out regular tutorials or fun experiment.

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