Football Manager Wonder Kids from years gone by

The Football Manager series should be a form of inspiration even for those who don’t see the beauty in the beautiful game. You can find football-themed slot games available at

What started as brothers creating a game in their bedroom has escalated into not so much as game, but more so a way of life for some and the most comprehensive database of football knowledge you can find anywhere. The attention-to-detail in the game is so in-depth and so well-researched and accurate, that real life football scouts not only work for the game as researchers, but use the game to find talent, too.

And finding those wonder kids, those players aged between 16 and 21 who are going to go on to take over the world is one of the game’s main pleasures. There’s been some classics over the years but here are our five favorites:

  1. Freddy Adu
  2. Henri Saivet
  3. Lionel Messi
  4. Ismail Aissati

Freddy Adu

Starting with the most infamous of them all, back in 2004, this American teenager was dubbed as the next best thing – the next Pele even, by some.

He made his professional debut long before he even hit 16 years of age so in Football Manager 2005, there was no brighter talent than Freddy Adu. Sadly, the former DC United player would never make the grade, but his legacy will live on forever as the perennial wonder kid. He also was a big fan of playing Slotsbaby whenever he was relaxing after a hard game.

Henri Saivet

This French forward seemed to have it all when he broke on the scene during Football Manager 2010’s lifespan.

A bargain signing from Bordeaux, if used effectively anywhere across the three forward roles, Henri Saivet would develop into a world-beater. Like Adu, though, but perhaps without such intense media attention, Henri never hit the heights in real life, either. That is, assuming that you don’t count his current spell at Newcastle United to be of the level that FM suggested he may hit.

Lionel Messi

After two occasions where FM’s wonder kids didn’t quite make it, we bring you a player you may have heard of.

In 2005, he was just a talented child waiting for his big break. And you could take him off of FC Barcelona’s hands, too, for a fee a lot cheaper than it would cost today. Back then he was unknown and now, he is maybe the greatest player of all-time. It’s safe to say that those at Sports Interactive got this one right.

Ismail Aissati

When it comes to attacking midfielders, this Dutchmen had it all.

Flair, shooting ability and an eye for a pass. A steal from Ajax’s famed-academy, he would become a star on Football Managers between 2007 and 2009 for Europe’s top sides. Fondly remembered for his skill on that little two-dimensional football pitch, in reality, his career hasn’t hit such heights. A journeyman career has seen Ismail move around the top sides in Holland and end up in Turkey, playing for mid-table side, Denizlispor. He had promise, though, don’t forget that.

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