Feedback Friday #22 – Proto Bastions and Space Factorios!

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Playing games made by YOU! Made in whatever engine, at whatever stage of development, by whatever skill level. I do my best to provide critique and advice to help you push yourself further as a developer.

Timestamps by RonHobbyDev:

0:00 Deadbeat by -MkfShard/Halfwheel
41:20 Monster Hunger by -Mathew Patel/TheWingedBlue
59:25 Downloaded: Fragments of a Forgotten Soul by -ThoseBros Entertainment
1:21:00 Mr.Abominable’s Ice Age by -Uppitydonkey57
1:40:08 Waste of space by -dunkirk86
2:07:46 Summoner by- RonHobbyDev (meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)
2:19:15 Egg Mama by-123oisin/EnverArco
2:35:00 Temporium by- Untitled Studios
3:11:00 Unearthly Demise by- yothebob

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