Feedback Friday #20 – Featuring more MSPaint jump arcs!

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Playing games made by YOU! Made in whatever engine, at whatever stage of development, by whatever skill level. I do my best to provide critique and advice to help you push yourself further as a developer.

Timestamps by Benjamin Halko:
0:00 – Intro
2:40 – dreadtomb (daddysucc5000)
20:12 – The Cold Climb (RonHobbyDev)
49:21 – Evil MS-Paint (Benjamin Halko)
1:09:27 – TerraNova: Legend of the Runes (2DKnights)
1:46:15 – Voider (inkedsplat)
1:57:50 – Sealed Bite (sec_ras)
2:22:07 – rolly cubes (badcop_)
2:35:00 – Untitled Underwater Game (Cavedens)
2:45:07 – The Duel (LtCoyote)

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