Feedback Friday #18 – Playing & Critiquing viewer games!

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Playing games made by YOU! Made in whatever engine, at whatever stage of development, by whatever skill level. I do my best to provide critique and advice to help you push yourself further as a developer.

Thanks Benjamin Halko for timestamps!
0:00 Intro
3:02 Ted and the blades of doom (Holtzzy223)
32:51 Fleet Scrapper (Cavedens)
55:08 idk_but_its_a_thing (vegancube)
1:03:13 tbd (borislimbas)
1:13:27 Jony’s Radical Mission (jded_404)
1:34:12 PokeyPoke (ShaunJS)
1:48:00 Smells Like Chlorine (Pyairvander)

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