Far Cry 5 – Lost On Mars Launch Trailer | PS4

Soar over the dunes and canyons of Mars with your jet pack, blast deadly arachnids with lasers – and save mankind from an all-out alien invasion! Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars is now available!
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About Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars:

Far Cry insanity and the red planet collide in Lost On Mars, the second DLC from the Far Cry 5 Season Pass.

When Nick Rye agrees to help Hurk out of a jam, he never expects it will lead him outside of Hope County … and all the way to Mars! Teleported to a hostile planet and with only Hurk by his side, Nick must master powerful technology to battle alien arachnids and restore power to ANNE – a futuristic AI who represents humanity’s last line of defense against eight-legged invaders with Earth in their sights.

Soar over the dunes and canyons of Mars with a jet pack, blast deadly arachnids with lasers – and save mankind while you’re at it. Lost on Mars is a Far Cry adventure that’s truly out of this world.

Key Features

An uncanny adventure on the fourth planet from the sun.
-Experience Far Cry gameplay in a gorgeous Mars sandbox.
-New Arachnid enemies, an alien threat unlike anything seen in Far Cry before.
-Revisit Nick Rye and Hurk from Far Cry 5’s main campaign in a whole new story.

Strange and incredible new weapons and gear, including:
-Blaster of Disaster – A single shot space gun made of trusty alien hardware.
-Hellfire – Fires 15 bouncing laser balls, inflicting serious damage.
-Morphinator – Harness the power of science to turn predators into prey … with an explosive twist.
-Defy gravity and blast across Mars with your Space Jets, an entirely new way to navigate extraterrestrial terrain.

Rated Mature:
Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Sexual Themes
Strong Language
Use of Drugs and Alcohol

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