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Ever See a Dinosaur Host a Live Stream?

I received an email from Nathan, AKA Dapper Dino over at Unity talking about a live stream tutorial he is hosting this Friday. I want to share with you all so you can have something to do during this epidemic!


Note from Nathan at Unity:

Learn. Build. Share.

Hi there,

Dapper Dino, here. Join me for a special beginner-friendly live stream on Friday, April 3 at 10 AM PT/6 PM GMT: The Building Blocks of Unity.

Alongside me will be André, better known as Mix and Jam. Together, we’ll learn all about the importance of GameObjects and Components and how to use them in your first Unity project. Well, your second Unity project really, since by the time the live stream is over, you will have helped create a game.

Two things to do before the live stream:

Visit the event page for details in the description and get the .zip file for the project we’ll be using during the live stream.
Remember to set a reminder too, so you’ll get notified when this stream goes live.
Let’s build.
Nathan, AKA Dapper Dino
P.S. We hope you like dangerous projectiles, dynamically moving targets, and dapper dinosaurs. You can expect all three.

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