European Video Game Federations Sign Cooperation Agreement

European Video Game Federations Sign Cooperation Agreement

[PRESSWIRE] Brussels – 11 May 2020 —  European Game Developer Federation (EGDF) and Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) have signed a code of co-operation with the objective of optimizing support for the whole video games industry in Europe during the difficult times ahead and beyond.

As a first step, ISFE and its member associations are supporting the “ European Games BizDev Gathering”, an online event being held on 13 and 14 May 2020 by EGDF, Reboot, and RCP, to help European game developers connect with global games publishers in order to help both sides continue their business activities as smoothly as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hendrik Lesser, President of European Game Developer Federation (EGDF)

“EGDF has united European games industry hotspots under a single umbrella and ISFE has had a stronger presence than us in Brussels. We are hoping that closer cooperation will help us to find new ways to support our member associations and their members, secure a more harmonized European regulatory framework across the Union and make the challenges small to big European game developer studios are facing more visible in Brussels and get tangible results for a change.”

Olaf Coenen, Chairman of ISFE

“EGDF and ISFE have complementary members, focus, and skills.   This cooperation presents both organizations with an exciting opportunity to strengthen our European identity, broaden our geographic reach, build on valuable industry networks, face challenges together and speak with one voice to Europe’s regulators.”

In addition, the associations are planning to start work on publishing joint European games industry reports that will include both market and industry data.  These are examples of short term synergies, but the associations are planning to continue mapping opportunities for even closer co-operation in the future.

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