EUphoria Season 2 Episode 7 | Road to Playoffs w/ kaSing & Nukeduck

EUphoria Season 2 Episode 7 | Road to Playoffs w/ kaSing & Nukeduck

Join Deficio with guests Raymond “kaSing” Tsang and Erlend “Nukeduck” Holm, as they talk about stories behind their names, make playoff predictions and agree on a duck costume bet on the upcoming G2 vs. FNC matchup!

0:00 – The best introduction we’ve ever had
3:24 – Brief history of Nukeduck and kaSing
8:19 – Throwback to bad roster changes: Police w/ Team Vitality
9:13 – The decline of Korean imports in EU LCS
13:58 – Update on bets
15:08 – The Year of Nukeduck: Does the title annoy you?
18:48 – What is KaSing’s Title?
22:38 – Why do pro players hype Nukeduck?
28:16 – Playoff Predictions: Will Fnatic come out on top?
32:20 – G2 Esports and their losing streak since Rift Rivals
34:52 – Were funnel compositions OP?
37:36 – Does Team Vitality belong in C Tier?
41:34 – Is Splyce better than Team Vitality?
45:43 – Story behind Nukeduck and KaSing’s name
52:28 – A discussion on shotcalling
58:01 – How to practice shotcalling
1:00:15 – Thoughts on the upcoming G2 vs. FNC matchup
1:09:22 – Duck costume bet and outro

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