Creatures in Houdini | Ahmed Gharraph | FMX 2019

What does it take to create photo-realistic furry creatures? We will try to answer that question by looking back at some of the recent creatures that have come through Framestore IA, and exploring the various grooming techniques we have developed in our department.


Ahmed returned to Framestore as Joint Head of CG in 2017, after a brief absence working on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Ready Player One as Lead FX artist at ILM. Ahmed’s Framestore credit list includes major advertising hits such as McDonald’s ‘Reindeer Ready’, Sainsbury’s ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ and Shell V-Power ‘Shapeshifter’. After gaining a BSc in 3D Computer Animation at University, Ahmed moved straight into the CG department at MPC, in 2007. He built up his skills as part of the commercials team, helping to win numerous accolades, including VES Awards for the iconic Cadbury ‘Spots v. Stripes’ campaign. In 2011 he made his move into film, working at Double Negative on several high profile projects including Captain America, Skyfall, Godzilla and Thor: The Dark World.

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