Creature Sculpting & Exploration of Forms – Brett Briley “Spark” – Episode 22

For this demo I first started again from a scanned head to look for forms and silhouette within to help find the concept. After playing with the form, I brought in spheres to flesh out the eyes and another sphere to start out the shell process to push possibly to more insect. I continued playing with the design and silhouette until I was happy, and then showed how to use ZSpheres to create horns and help lead the design, reworking the pieces using DynaMesh then ZRemeshing to make sure to have the best piece to get uniform detail for sculpting and later PolyPainting. Concentrating on having the eye flow around the creature and giving areas of rest and finishing the design, I brought in alphas to separate skin from the hard shell surfaces. I then moved into PolyPainting to finish up the look for my creature, starting with what values the shell to the skin would be to help push the sculpted details and complete the episode.

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