Creature Sculpting & Exploration of Forms – Brett Briley “Spark” – Episode 11

For this demo I started from an older male scanned head. I started with a general idea of a pumpkin due to Halloween coming right around the corner! With pumpkins in mind, I created the shape of the head while using forms from the face to fill out the details. Concentrating on having the eye flow around the design and giving areas of rest, I slowly built up the base forms before filling out the secondary details of the concept. After making sure I was happy with the direction, I then added the stem, leaves and roots to help define the character. I then filled in the high level details before bringing in alphas to flesh out the creature. After sculpting, I went into Polypaint using a dark purple/grey tone to create the base color more in thoughts of a zombie/ghost pumpkin, and slowly brought out details that I wanted to pop, along with adding forms and values. I also made sure to balance my warms and cools of color to give a little ghoulish feel to him. Finally, I did a quick walkthrough on how to pose to bring a little more life to the design.

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