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With esports joining the list of video game events postponing the major league tournaments to a later time or just canceling, online MMO events are extended their events. Just like many other industries, the coronavirus, or COVID-19 is forcing the gaming industry esports events and gaming expos to press pause. This is causing marketers to scramble and sales predictions to be iffy, at best.

We hope that the world gets control over the virus soon, but based on many professional and doctoral predictions, we here at #YGD are suspecting it will be until late summer or early fall before anyone will really be able to host any large esports events or gaming expos.

Coronavirus Future of Video Game Industry

Due to the coronavirus, we suspect that the industry will shift into a virtual industry and stream events, but it will likely take the marketing, production, and development teams a little while to get this figured out. Some esports leagues and event planners might be hoping for the best and waiting until the beginning of April before they make any decisions on changing the industry for this catastrophic event.

But we say act now and give us something to do while we are all stuck at home being bored and alone. We need esports events and gaming expos as a positive distraction from the Corona Virus depression. Most of us will happily view esports events and gaming expos via YouTube or in VR. Because, some events, a lot of us would even pay for, kind of like HBO or Showtime, or some professional sporting events.

Most Recent Game Events and Programs Pausing for COVID-19

Here’s an updated list of the canceling and postponing video game events that we are aware of:

Live Streaming Events

Video Game Updates for COVID-19 Pandemic

Game Industry Updates for Coronavirus

Postponed Video Game Events

Canceled Video Game Events

Video Game Businesses Temporarily Closed

Keeping You Updated with COVID-19

We here at #YGD will focus on keeping you updated on what the game industry plans to do with this coronavirus chaos. We are hoping for the best. Plus, most of us a pretty good at social distancing. Whatever you are doing, stay healthy and clean.

What About You?

What do you think will be canceled or postponed next? Are you thinking they will change to virtual events? What are your thoughts on all of this? Comment below!

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