Code Youngstown Tech Talk: August 14

Tech Talk: Modern Frontend Development at Turning Technologies

The Code Youngstown Tech Talk for August will be having Michael Zimmerman, a Front End Software Architect at Turning Technologies to speak about Modern Frontend Development. This event will be held at Turning Technologies’ downtown office Tuesday, August 14th at 5:30 pm!

JavaScript has changed drastically since in recent years, for both good and bad. It can be a tiring and frustrating experience to get up to speed for some developers who are not used to the reckless speed its ecosystem expands.

*This talk aims to help you understand why JavaScript is the way that it is, and how to tell when you need to look for solutions, where to look for them, and how to incorporate them into your project*

What Code Youngstown will be talking about:

  • NPM and Node and how it correlates to JavaScript running in the browser
  • Why we transitioned to tools like Webpack or Rollup and their importance
  • The modern frameworks and how to tell when you need them

Any extra time will be spent going into more depth in these topics, as well as any Q&A discussions we get into.

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