Mark from Wonderfactory Indie Game Studio explains the shortcut they used to save time on their multiplayer game, Imposter Island.

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LESSON & PROJECT FILES: Add an explosion of particles in Unity at the point where the projectile dies. To control the particles, use a vector field created in Houdini. To export it to Unity, access the VFXToolbox from Unity’s github which will supply the exporter node. You will alsoRead More →

LESSON & PROJECT FILES: To accompany the particles, you will learn how to create a ground destruction effect. Taking a box, you will use a material fracture then a bullet solver to break apart the ground surface using a hidden piece of geometry. Learn how to refine the resultsRead More →

LESSON & PROJECT FILES: Learn how to texture the projectile using an image derived from a particle simulation set up in Houdini. This will give an interesting edge to the texture that you can design yourself. Once applied, there may need to be some adjustments made to the UVsRead More →

LESSON & PROJECT FILES: Build the base projectile model, then add a ribbon using a spiral and a sweep. Learn how to set up uvs for all the parts to prepare for texturing. Once the model is ready you can export the results to FBX. This file can thenRead More →

LESSON & PROJECT FILES: Learn how to bring together the particles, the ground destruction and the cracked ground texture to achieve the combined effect. You will group them then sync up the timing and animate some of the parameters on the texture. To add the effect to the gameRead More →

LESSON & PROJECT FILES: Explore the different components of the magic projectile effect to understand how this effect will be built. Learn about all of the components in preparation for the upcoming lessons.Read More →

Lessons and Project Files: To start, you will draw curve then revolve it to create the wine glass. Creasing will be used to sharpen some edges and then you will subdivide to create denser geometry for fracturing. You will then extract geometry from the wine glass to create aRead More →

Lessons and Project Files: To define the cracks in the wine glass, you will create natural looking lines using the draw curve tool then extrude them into sheets of geometry. You will then agitate the surfaces using the mountain tool. This chaotic looking shape can then be merged intoRead More →

Lessons and Project Files: In this lesson, you will smash a wine glass then slow down time to hold onto the big splash. This effect involves both an RBD simulation for the shattered glass and a fluid simulation for the wine. You will learn how to set up theRead More →

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