On our show, we usually talk vehicles—surprise, surprise. Joyfully and in good humor, with some harmless antics thrown in. But this time, we decided to find the answer to one of the most profound questions: what’s better, a car or a tank? After numerous tests, it seems, we managed toRead More →

Cause damage even before you see an enemy. Destroy 15 tanks with one shot. Win a battle before it starts or even before installing World of Tanks. If you can pull off an amazing feat, then you might have a chance of getting into #RNG, ‘cause we’ve gathered the bestRead More →

Rebalancing high-tier German and Japanese medium tanks. The addition of session statistics. The return to Kharkov. A new game feature—Crew Books. What are they for? What do you do with them? How can you get them? Watch our Update 1.5.1 review to find out! Twitter: http://twitter.com/worldoftanks Facebook: http://facebook.com/worldoftanks.na Twitch TV:Read More →

On this episode of #WoTWeekly, Michael talks about the 2.5x XP weekend, #AquinoTankWeekend, #ShowdownSaturday changes, participating on the #Sandbox server and then gets buried under a pile of gravel. This week’s giveaway is for the Panzer 58 Mutz! To win, please be sure to like the video, subscribe, answer theRead More →

The legendary Kharkov map returns to World of Tanks. But it’s not just an old map converted to HD. This is a completely new map with details from the good old Kharkov map. It’s bigger, brighter, with tons of new details, but the atmosphere of a city engulfed in warRead More →

June 6, 1944 was the day of the largest landing operation of World War II. Tanks played a key role in the invasion. This video is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of this event. Twitter: http://twitter.com/worldoftanks Facebook: http://facebook.com/worldoftanks.na Twitch TV: https://www.twitch.tv/worldoftanksna Let’s Battle! Play World of Tanks for FREE: NorthRead More →

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