Stratospiel is an upcoming RPG that mixes together all the good things about Undertale, Bowser’s Inside Story, and WarioWare and weaves it into a mysterious journey across a world where humans are forgotten. Made entirely by a single person, Vaughn Xavier Haynes, help us bring his project come to WindowsRead More →

5 years ago today, on 9th August 2016, we welcomed the first No Man’s Sky travellers into the vast universe that our tiny team had created. 16 updates later and we reflect on the epic journey we and our ever-growing community have been on and give a hint to what the 17th update has in store. FRONTIERS – coming soon!

Our journey continues.

https://www.nomanssky.comRead More →

Opening your own Arcade isn’t exactly feasible for most. That’s where the upcoming game Arcade Paradise comes in! Build your very own arcade with 35 games to chose from. Mega Cast Host Xia shares the details! For more info on the upcoming game click here:,laundromat%20into%20the%20ultimate%20arcade. For more on MegaRead More →

YouTube channel DIY Perks creates an awesome dark hardwood retro case for the PS5. Mega Cat host Xia tells you all about it! To see the full video click here: For more on Mega Cat Studios and our games, please visit:​​​​​​​​​​… Come play & talk on discord! More →

Do you think people should stop doing crazy stuff in space? Alex Sy talks about Bad Moon Rising, a multi-level disc-only action game that features multiple play cells as you fight your way through a secret German base. Read more about this here: Learn more about us and ourRead More →

Charlie the Adventure Van shares an awesome way to store all of your retro consoles on TikTok. Mega Cat Host Xia takes you inside the box! Tiktok charlietheadventurevan: For more on Mega Cat Studios and our games, please visit:​​​​​​​​​​… Come play & talk on discord! More →

Music will always be a vital part of gaming. Alex Sy shares 5 tracks you can listen to while you play or as you go about your day. Which one is your tune of the day? Music mentioned: Like a Fighting Whirlwind Oreos for Meals Cross Fire EX Remix SilverRead More →

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