Stratospiel is an upcoming RPG that mixes together all the good things about Undertale, Bowser’s Inside Story, and WarioWare and weaves it into a mysterious journey across a world where humans are forgotten. Made entirely by a single person, Vaughn Xavier Haynes, help us bring his project come to WindowsRead More →

5 years ago today, on 9th August 2016, we welcomed the first No Man’s Sky travellers into the vast universe that our tiny team had created. 16 updates later and we reflect on the epic journey we and our ever-growing community have been on and give a hint to what the 17th update has in store. FRONTIERS – coming soon!

Our journey continues.

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Opening your own Arcade isn’t exactly feasible for most. That’s where the upcoming game Arcade Paradise comes in! Build your very own arcade with 35 games to chose from. Mega Cast Host Xia shares the details! For more info on the upcoming game click here:,laundromat%20into%20the%20ultimate%20arcade. For more on MegaRead More →

The official behind-the-scenes documentary of the Studio Fizbin ’s “Say No More” has been made public at last! The recordings began in 2019 and ran up until the days after the launch in April 2021. The documentary follows the childhood friends Marius Winter and Nicholas Maierhöfer, as they journey through unknown territory of developing a game that is about saying No! Also featured through in-depth interviews are other members of Studio Fizbin, Thunderful Publishing & Double Fine’s Tim Schafer.

Documentary by: Robin Stjernberg, Thunderful Publishing


About Say No! More

In a world where everyone sticks to the status quo of saying “YES”, create your own custom character and take on the role of an intern on a mission to change the world with the positive power of “NO!“. With this new power nothing will get in your way as you shout “NO!” at any absurd requests fired your way.


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Funded with the help of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg


Using simple controls designed for anyone to pick up and play, start your working life through a predetermined path in a quirky office environment. As well as shouting NO! in your chosen language, use your NO! different emotional states to send them reeling. Confuse people with different actions to let their guard down, then charge up your NO! for an even greater effect on unsuspecting colleagues.

Key Features:
– Choose how to say No!: Heated No! Cold No! Lazy No! Wacky No!
– Charge your No! for bigger effect!
– Irritate your colleagues! Laugh at them! Clap at them! Hmmm at them!
– Make them feel you listen to them, but sarcastically!
– Say No! in many different languages!
– Customize your character!
– Fight mean colleagues, supervisors and bosses!
– Make friends in your lunchbreak!
– Laugh out loud because this game is very funny!
– Rad mixtape music
– And learn to say No! moreRead More →

The new Modifiers kicks off in Season 7 of Daily Rides…Summer Strolls!

These new features give experienced riders novel and unexpected ways to get them out of their comfort zone. A new surprise awaits each day as a randomly selected modifier combination will be added to the chosen Daily Rides Trail, making them a literal game changer!

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YouTube channel DIY Perks creates an awesome dark hardwood retro case for the PS5. Mega Cat host Xia tells you all about it! To see the full video click here: For more on Mega Cat Studios and our games, please visit:​​​​​​​​​​… Come play & talk on discord! More →

Do you think people should stop doing crazy stuff in space? Alex Sy talks about Bad Moon Rising, a multi-level disc-only action game that features multiple play cells as you fight your way through a secret German base. Read more about this here: Learn more about us and ourRead More →

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