Technical Artist Sara Rascon demonstrates Vellum workflows for paneling cloth, as well as draping and material lookdev. In addition, Sara does a closer look at the process that was done for the Flamenco dress which appeared in Houdini 17 sneak peek. Scene files: [Recorded at the Toronto Houdini UserRead More →

CG schools in France are rapidly adopting Houdini in every area of their curricula. To find out what impact Houdini is having on their programs, students and graduates, we spoke with four instructors – including Yann Pannetier (ESMA), Bruno Ebé (ArtFX), Joan DaSilva (LISAA) and Matthias Capdet (Supinfocom). [CAPTIONS AVAILABLE]Read More →

New Planar Patch from Curve tools in Houdini 17 open the possibility for simple tailoring. This masterclass goes over the process of designing a dress for Tommy, showing how the Vellum Drape node can be used to build clothing panel-by-panel. Download scene files here: More →

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