SideFX intern Yuqing Chen gives an introduction to Solaris in Houdini 18, including several examples – such as the process of preparing assets, setting variants, and physical editing. Bar scene: We apologize for the inconvenience of the missing mouse during the screen-captured session.Read More →

陈宇青是SideFX的视觉特效实习生,他将对Houdini 18版本中的新模块Solaris进行介绍,并演示如何在Solaris中为数字资产做准备工作,创建variants,以及使用物理式编辑功能。 Bar scene: More →

In this Los Angeles Houdini User Group presentation, Director and VFX Artist Kays Alatrakchi will show how Redshift played a key role in the realization of his latest music video, “Thursday Night”. Kays will discuss the integration of Redshift within Houdini, his workflow pipeline, and show different shading techniques usedRead More →

To bring the energy core to life in Unity, the next step is to add FX. Using a SideFX Labs asset, you will create lightning using start and end points on your geometry. The smoke will use another asset to get a single image that can then be animated onRead More →

To create the final look of the energy core, you will use a combination of the primitive colors you set up earlier, hi-res to low-res baking, and the Substance plug-in from SideFX Labs. This workflow will generate texture maps that you can assign back to the core using a materialRead More →

To model the energy core, you will start with a sphere then divide it into panels using a voronoi pattern. You will model two different kinds of panels then add color and detail for use later in texture maps. PROJECT FILES: More →

For some of the panels, you will add small lightning rods. You will use the node networks to explore the design of these elements using the non destructive nature of Houdini. In the end, you will convert the whole shape into a volume and then poly reduce to get theRead More →

The energy core is an asset that involves a hero model that is brought alive with lightning and smoke FX. This video explores the final asset then overviews the techniques that will be taught in the upcoming lessons. PROJECT FILES: More →

Animal Logic’s Adam Katz outlines how their team built and automated their Character FX pipeline. When production began on Peter Rabbit in 2017, Animal Logic had the unique opportunity to build their Character FX cloth and fur toolset from scratch. Faced with many technical and artistic challenges, the team hadRead More →

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