In this LA Houdini User Group presentation Justin Dykhouse shows his workflow for creating line art on paper using Houdini and a robotic pen plotter. He’ll discuss creating designs in Houdini, converting to scalable vector graphics files (SVG), preparing designs for the plotter, and the printing process. Justin Dykhouse’s WebsiteRead More →

Created by LA-based studios An Orange Door and Master of Shapes, VR Go-Karts is a virtual reality driving experience, where the driver interacts with a real-time virtual environment in in Unreal Engine using a VR headset – all the while moving through physical space in a real go-kart that isRead More →

This masterclass will cover new Vellum constraint features in Houdini 18, some of which are workflow enhancements. This includes automatically computing mass and thickness based on density, making it easier to work with geometry of different resolutions. Normalizing stress computations over substeps, will save you the hassle of having toRead More →

To enhance the level builder tool, you will create new wall panels using a modular system that evaluates different primitive sizes then assigns an appropriate prefab to match. Each prefab will be rotated or scaled into place and will create a more interesting look for the corridor. LESSONS and PROJECTRead More →

To add detail to the level, you will procedurally place crates, tanks and doors throughout the level. By establishing placement rules, you can make sure that these items appear where you need them to complete your level with only the one curve as the input. LESSONS and PROJECT FILES: More →

The first step in creating the Level Builder is organizing the system that lays out corridors using a grid. Using an input curve, you will generate interior spaces that connect when the curve overlaps. You will also figure out where the convex and concave corners are and apply appropriate cornerRead More →

Learn how to create a procedural Level Builder that uses a single curve to create the walls, ceiling and floor along with doors and props. This lesson brings together Sci Fi panels, crates and tanks into a single tool that makes it easy to generate a complete level inside Unity.Read More →

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