Path Deform bends geometry to follow the shape of a curve, then lets you apply secondary deformations such as scaling and twisting. This tool can be used to deform a long flexible object into a desired shape. You can also have the curve animate the deformation of static geometry suchRead More →

This Quickstart video will cover how to use Topo Transfer to project clean quad head geometry onto a dense and non-uniform scanned mesh geometry, to get a resulting clean geometry while capturing the features from the scan. This feature was under development for a future release but was backported intoRead More →

The 3D viewport now has display options for adding uniform fog effects. You can visualize this fog using OpenGL with controls for density, opacity, height and depth range. You can also add a distant light to act as the sun and control how the sunlight interacts with the fog. ThisRead More →

The Unity plugin now lets you connect to a session of Houdini Engine running inside Houdini. The state of Houdini Engine can be viewed in Houdini while working with the plugin in Unity. Changes you make on either end, whether in Unity via the plugin or in Houdini via itsRead More →

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