Building Worlds with Houdini | Benoit Martinez | Houdini HIVE Paris

Working on the Ghost Recon franchise, Benoit and his team developed around Houdini an innovative and dedicated toolchain to shape the world and produce a wide variety of environments. This lecture will describe the techniques and technology behind this work and how they gave the artists the right tools to control large scale landscapes and small details. He’ll explain the procedural approach they adopted to create terrain, roads, forests, rivers and settlements, and how all those tools are connected to each other. He’ll provide an overview of the tools and also the dedicated Houdini pipeline developed over years to create AAA game environments at Ubisoft Paris.

Benoit Martinez started in the video game industry in 1999, since then he’s been lead artist, art director and technical director. In 2011 he joined Ubisoft Paris and he introduced Houdini in production. Since then he worked on Ghost Recon : Wildlands (2017) and on the newly announced Ghost Recon : Breakpoint. Benoit is in charge of the environment team and the procedural team, working on both content and tools to create rich and detailed open worlds.

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