Blizzard Senior Artist, Cosplay Model, & Costumer Jessica Dru – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 20

Blizzard Senior Cinematic Artist, Cosplay Model, Costume Designer & Creative Director Jessica Dru – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 20

Blizzard Entertainment cinematic artist by day, costume designer, collaborator and world building by night, Jessica Dru is a perfect mix of role model and inspiration that others in this industry should look to!
Episode 20 of the ZBrush Podcast is brought to from the 2018 ZBrush Summit. Host Solomon Blair takes us through a rich conversation through Jessica’s career beginnings to now, staying motivated with work and personal projects, ZBrush, DIY, and more!

Jessica also hosts our annual ZBrush Sculpt-Off with Pixologic’s own Joseph Drust. Check out 2018’s Scupt-Off here:
Group 1
Group 2

Find Jessica Here:

Audio Version:

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