Bladerunner 2049 & Coco VR | Cosku Turhan | GDC 2019

Cosku covers how Magnopus used Houdini to edit, add FX to, and relight Holocapture volumetric data to use in the Blade Runner 2049 VR project. He will also talk about how his team used Houdini to optimize, process and export really big scenes that they got from Pixar to render the COCO VR experience.

Magnopus uses Houdini extensively in their pipeline, including: fluid particle sims, procedural city generation, 4D capture processing and relighting, mesh decimation, baking textures and lighting on realtime assets, point cloud import/export, crowd sims, projection mapping, and procedural modeling using Houdini Engine in Unity & Unreal.

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