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Belong Kicks Off Season 2 of Their Online Tournaments!

Basingstoke, 24th April 2020 – After a successful season 1, Belong Gaming Arenas are excited to announce that from Monday 27th April they will host an array of online tournaments for another 4 weeks via Battlefy, to form season 2. The free-to-enter tournaments have been provided to keep the gaming community together whilst we are all encouraged to #stayhomesavelives. To sign up and take part go to –

Belong Gaming Communities

Belong has a large and dedicated community of players across the country and is the home of grassroots esports in the UK. With physical arenas closed, Belong is pleased to take their tournaments online. These tournaments will not only be open to existing community members but to gamers all over the UK.

Players will battle it out across the country with winners walking away with prize pools up to £180. Streams of selected matches will be available to watch on with casters adding their professional touch to the commentary. Or keep up to date with daily fixtures via @BelongEsports on twitter.

Currently, the roster sees all tournaments taking place between 6 pm-10 pm. Players must be 16 or over, live in the UK, and must have a Battlefy account and GAME Reward card.


  • STREAMING: Tekken 1st £50 l 2nd £25
  • OFF STREAM: Mortal Kombat 11 1st £50 l 2nd £25


  • STREAMING: Gears 5 1st £100 l 2nd £20
  • OFF STREAM: Team Fight Tactics 1st £50 l 2nd £25


  • STREAMING: Overwatch 1st £120 l 2nd £60
  • OFF STREAM: CSGO 1st £100 l 2nd £50


  • STREAMING: Rocket League 1st £75 l 2nd £45
  • OFF STREAM: Rainbow 5 Siege 1st £100 l 2nd £50


  • OFF STREAM: PUBG 1st £60 l 2nd £30
  • OFF STREAM: COD WARZONE 1st £50 l 2nd £25

Keeping their community together. Stay home, stay safe.

To keep up to date on all the latest news across Belong’s social channels via Twitter and Instagram on @BelongArenas, and

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