Better run fast since this hamster is one tough rodent! Lots of property damage as this angry pet goes on a rampage. This video shows how visual effects can be added to live-action footage using software such as Houdini and PFTrack. Check out the 2009 Apprentice Challenge in 3D WorldRead More →

In 2008, Houdini artists have created an impressive portfolio of commercial and feature film work. The visual effects and animation projects come from all over the world and feature renowned studios such as Pysop, Asylum, Rising Sun Pictures, Rhythm and Hues, and The Mill.Read More →

This is a particle fluid example created in Houdini that uses the new Waveform and Sculpted Particle Fluid tools. The splashes are generated from the interaction of the wave and the lighthouse with extra particles emitted based on the impact information.Read More →

This short animation uses Houdini for the modeling, rigging, animation and rendering. The fur is generated using the new fur shelf tools and is simulated using wire dynamics. This project was completed in about three weeks by artist Keith Acheson and shows what can be accomplished “off-the-shelf” using Houdini.Read More →

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