XG Blast! is an arcade shooter delivered in a bright and colourful retro style. Players control a spaceship with the sole purpose of destroying the invading hordes before they do the same to you. A vast array of powerful weaponry and the special eXtreme Gravity blast creates a screen full of vibrant action with intensely addictive gameplay. Your ship is controlled using the D-pad and either the action buttons or the Touch Screen, allowing simple yet varied styles of play.Read More →

Better run fast since this hamster is one tough rodent! Lots of property damage as this angry pet goes on a rampage. This video shows how visual effects can be added to live-action footage using software such as Houdini and PFTrack. Check out the 2009 Apprentice Challenge in 3D WorldRead More →

In 2008, Houdini artists have created an impressive portfolio of commercial and feature film work. The visual effects and animation projects come from all over the world and feature renowned studios such as Pysop, Asylum, Rising Sun Pictures, Rhythm and Hues, and The Mill.Read More →

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